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Is wearing helmet mandatory?

"Where can I buy a Black'n Roll? "


French retailers

Foreign retailers


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"What is the price (in France)? "


Euros 1070 TTC for the black and Euros 1120 TTC for the grey, the green and the red

This price doesn't include:

- The cost of shipment

- The saddle bags


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"Is wearing helmet mandatory? "


Yes, in the EU it's mandatory to wear an approved type helmet.


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"Is registration necessary?"


In France it's necessary.



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"Is insurance necessary? "


Insurance is essential in France


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"How old must one be to ride a Black'n Roll "


The minimum age to ride Black'n Roll in France is 16 years old.


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"Are parts for older models available? "


Yes, spare parts and accessories are available for all models.


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"What type of fuel should be used for the Black'n Roll? "


You should always pre-mix 98 octane lead free gasoline with 2.5% of a high quality mineral 2 cycle motor oil.


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